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PM me your travel affiliate links

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by partymarty4870, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. partymarty4870

    partymarty4870 Elite Member

    Jul 7, 2010
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    I come from a land downunder
    Any travel affiliates out there want a free link on my niche specific travel blog network? I'll even add some affiliate banners if they look good enough. Send me a link.

    I'm doing some maintenance today on it and want to drop random travel links all over it. I was just grabbing some from page 5 or 6 of G, but thought I'd put it out here as well.

    • The networks upto PR3 and has a travel/scuba theme.
    • No report or correspondence will be given on where your link was placed.
    • It may be blogroll, or may even be linked to an image.
    • Send an anchor if you want, I may use it, I may not.
    • 90% of posts have images/vids on my network
    • Only 25% of posts have links
    • New post goesup every 5-20 days.
    • So some pretty good link juice.
    • Some sites actually rank, so there may be some aff earnings in it for you as well.

    Don't worry, I'm not after anyones niche - I've got a pretty damn good one of my own that I'm 12 years committed to. I'm just trying to get the network looking less like a network than it does already. My problem at the moment is that it only looks like a network because pretty much any real blog has some form of monetization, and mine don't. I was going to stick random adsenses, but don't want to touch anything G related.

    So if it sounds good PM me, obviously don't post them here, and travel only please.