Plugin Suggestions for Complete Newbie?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by shylesson, May 18, 2009.

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    I have a friend that wants a blog setup. She is totally new to blogging and the IM world in general. I think the most she does is Facebook. She's trying to become a published author and thinks that setting a blog as a precursor to that will help her out much. I've set up the domain, the blog, the twitter account, and a few plugins, but as I usually only do autoblogs myself and the few personal blogs I have are for IM purposes, most of the plugins I use do not need to be used on hers. For instance, she won't need any ad or banner plugins or duplicate post eraser or adsense plugin etc, but I'm debating the sociable and yarrp plugins. I want the install to be as light as possible using only plugins that she would really really need. Since hers would be a totally white hat project, I don't think she'd have too much problems with getting people to bookmark, but perhaps the yarrp plugin couldn't hurt. Still up in the air about what plugins I should use and widgets to display. Since she also wants a simple two column blog, I don't want to inundate it with too many widgets too. I have two personal blogs and they are clouded with many plugins and widgets, but they are using premium themes with plenty of space so I can't really replicate those (and am finding I don't need a few of the plugins I do have installed on those even lol). Some plugins I have already installed:

    1. Plat Seo
    2. DD Sitemap Gen/Google XML Sitemap Gen
    3. Increased Sociability (but debating replacing with Sociable)
    4. Privacy Policy (just in case)
    5. Hyper Cache (I know not needed right now, but easier to setup all at once for me)

    I've also installed google analytics so she can see to an extent what her efforts are doing for her, but is this the best option you think? I just want her to be able to look at how her stats are doing without her having to check awstats since she knows nothing about cpanels or awstats.

    Her blog is going to be focused on women so I'm thinking of adding an encouraging quotes widget with a quotes rotators plugin, but the one I've used in the past updates every x-amount of time rather than with each page load which I think would be better so if anyone can suggest one there, that would help too.

    I've known this chick for like 12 years now and she's a doll. I just want to help her get situated so she can have a place to blog to. She so excited about having her own webpage lol so I want to make sure I cover all the bases and give her the best setup possible for her little venture.
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    statspress a def one you need
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    I think you should give Sociable a chance. ;)