PLR in the drug and alcohol addiction and mental health categories

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    I wasn't sure where to put this post. Sorry if this is the wrong place.

    I am looking for PLR in the drug addiction, alcoholism, or mental health categories. The three are somewhat interchangeable. Is there any place that BHW recommends for getting PLR. I just paid to have some wiki sites made for me on SEO Clerks. The links are there, but the article the links were in was terrible. I am going to need to take this over myself. I wouldn't even read one of these articles let alone follow the links. I would have just clicked away, hoping to find something worthwhile.

    Any ideas on who other black hatters buy from in the PLR world.

    Additional info:

    I have looked throught the PLR offered in the download section here. There was one bundle on drugs, which I promptly downloaded. Thanks.
    I also saw what combining 4 articles looks like from SE Nuke X. Not what I want. I am going to need to rewrite these myself.