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    hey guys i just wrote something down .

    just out of the blues , thought i d share this with u .

    The fact is i just got banned from dp , for a reason i dont know .

    they said something about infraction or some shit ,

    and right now i need an article writing job for atleast 2 - 3 $ per article ,

    I was desperate and didnt know how to go about it, and though i would write

    an article , so that i can get hired by some one on bhw . please have a look

    at my article and tell me if u are interested in hiring me as an article writer .

    How to create a long lasting bond with your date on the first meeting .

    Getting someone to love you is not a very difficult task ,

    if you have done a thorough research on your date .

    You have to very particular about their likes and dislikes .

    Especailly girls are very particular about their dates

    in terms of dressing , talking , behaviour .

    In other words , you have to be very observant , about

    the things that your date likes in you and what he or she dislikes .

    Dating is a vast subject , but for the moment lets stick to the topic

    at hand , that is creating a long lasting bond with you date

    on the very first meeting .

    I will begin by talking about dressing and grooming

    as most of us will agree that appearance plays a crucial role ,

    in winning someones heart .So you must pay attention to your

    appearance starting now , if you are serious about dating someone .

    Just before u meet your date , take care of every bit of yourself .

    Be it your face , your eyes , your hands , your teeth , your

    clothing , almost everything .Now i dont except you to this

    everytime , but make sure u do it the first time .

    Its nice if u do this other times as well , but its not a compulsion .

    Once you have that much done , u can proceed to step two ,

    which is communication . People usually misunderstand the term

    communication , so i'll make it clear that by communication ,

    i dont mean a lecture , or a great patrotic speach .

    I just mean that u make things clear and simple for her or him

    to understand you , and not over-except out of you , because

    a lot of people do expect some materalistic or supernatural

    physical qualities in you .

    The last time i was out on a date , i was shocked when a girl

    wanted supernatural things out of me .

    She wanted me to have a huge apartment where , i would do

    things that superman would do to his wife or girlfriend ,

    which was not possible , and i agree that she really lacked common sense .

    So u should make sure that , what you date wants from u, is a part of reality

    and not a part of his/her fantasy .

    Finally , i would like to say ,

    act as adults , be confident and charming , and dont forget to

    look for opportunities , and just dont act dumb .

    Assume your date says " honey , lets go somewhere private " ,

    make sure u dont say " yeah , lets go see my sick dying grandma at the hospital " .
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