Please recommend a game for me - Need a First-Person Shooter that I can get in to now.....


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Jun 19, 2009
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Here's the story.

I don't play video games anymore because I get to addicted to them. The only video game installed on my PC now is:

The Free demo version of the first Halo - Blood Gulch map

But i've noticed that its sometimes hard to find a game with a low ping these days.

Now last week, I built a huge treadmill desk. So now I can burn calories whilst playing games and doing emails. (You know you're jealous.)

But I need a new good addictive First-person shooter to play while treadmilling - and I don't know anything about the new games out there.

Treadmilling can get pretty borring so the game itself, has to be really up front and immediately engaging.

Here are the criteria:
  • Must run on WINDOWS VISTA
  • I'm not interested in "passing levels". e.g. I don't want a story with missions.
  • I want to shoot people on the net - e.g. I don't want to play against the computer.
  • I hate waiting a million years every time I die.
  • I don't like "sniping" style games where you roam around a city for hours looking for action. I want in your face battles.
  • I don't like "long field" style games - where you are just shooting at a small dot thats a mile away and clicking your mouse as fast as you can.
  • It has to be a widely popular game - because I hate lag and I hate waiting for users
e.g. I basically want the 2009 version of the Halo Blood Gulch map and gameplay

Anyone got any ideas on a game?

Also, Does anyone know which games are usually played at these "game competitions" I always hear about?

Much thanks!!!!
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Trust me, our choices match to a certain extent.. I want some games too! I remember playing game known as 'Blood' which is a FPS but can't find it online.. it was nice and I love unreal tournament as well.. now, I don't have both of these games.

Probably you shld check out the trailers.. "GAMENAME gameplay youtube" .. what about crysis.. never played it but my friend has it.. whopping 12gb size :confused:
This is an old game, but you might wanna look into urban terror. It's a free game, but I play it more than games I pay $50 for. Thousands of people play it too, so I'm not the only one who enjoys it either.

Almost identical to the first Halo. Has CTF, FFA, bomb, deathmatch, and a lot of other games. I like it because it takes less than a minute to load and less than a minute to join a game. The next match is automatically loaded, so you don't have to do anything between matches.

You can sort the games by ping as well.
counter strike
far cry 2
left 4 dead 2
Left4Dead2 Sounds like the game for you.

It's already around Warez forums I'm sure you can find it.
Get one of these for sure if u want a lot of players and fast paced action:
Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Source
Day of Defeat: Source

And pay for it, its only like $20 each for the first 2, and the last one is $10.
I wouldn't go with the free ones because its largely unfair unless you pay money to get better guns, the people there are usually noobs and annoying, the servers have HORRIBLE quality, and there are just less people.
Left 4 Dead 2


Team Fortress 2

These are games that are immediately engaging.
show us pics of your treadmill desk.


lol i wish

actually mines not much to look at

its made of plywood so i can save money - when i'm rich i'll get a better one
Thanks for your input

So the voting so far is:

(4) Left 4 Dead 2
(3) Team Fortress 2
(3) Counter Strike: Source
(2) Modern Warfare 2
(2) Day of Defeat: Source
(1) urban terror
(1) Far Cry 2


Left 4 Dead seems more like the typical "zombie" shooter

Is the multi player on Left 4 dead really any good?
L4D2's best part is the multi, endless killing of zombie hordes :)

Modern Warfare 2 is addictive in single campaign, but too short. But saves in every 10th second, so worth a try
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I'm a huge gamer bro. I play PS3 mostly - got bored of the halobox 360 to be honest.
But i picked up a ps3 for the blueray player and some games are just irresistible on the big screen TV.

I also, being an internet marketer, also play a lot of PC games - I have a Asus tower with a top of the line graphics card, 12 gigs of ram, and a 30 inch monitor. "qualifications" ;-P


left for dead 2 will get old for you real quick. Its kind of just mindless zombie killin.. I mean, i like it.. its fun to smoke a few bowls and just kill endless hordes, but its hardly what you described above.

Counterstrike Source is fun as hell. I play it almost every day - but its graphically outdated, the physics system is a fucking joke, and its doubtful that you'll really be able to manage the finesse necessary to run around and shoot people while you're running - that and counterstrike =/= halo. Halo is wayyy more arcady action... counterstrike is a tactical game.

Now, if your computer can handle it check out Crysis. It had some outstanding hype... blah blah. The game revolves around the fact that the main character wears this badass suit - and when you hold down your mouse scroll button you can switch to different abiliites on the fly with the suit, super armor mode (makes you harder to damage), super strength (makes you jump higher and melee stronger and you can lift shit) super speed (makes you run fast), and stealth (makes you invisible).

The multiplayer on it really blows actually - its a letdown, but the Single Player game is one of the best Ive ever played.. Its a challenging game (im probably only like 34% of the way through..) i Play it for awhile, then pick it back up again a few weeks later when im bored.

Modern warfare 2 is the sequel to Call of duty 3: modern warfare that came out a few years ago (which itself was amazing.. i would reccomend you pick up a copy)

Its a little bit closer to Halo in that the action is more arcade style. I hear the single player campaign is pretty good - havent played more than a couple levels of it myself... i like muliplayer action!!!! now keep in mind about MW2:

A. its hard. MOtherfuckers like me (already ranked 70 ) on there running shit on the servers, just fucking shit up hardcore.

B. it rewards SMART gamers/battlers. You have 5 slots you can use to customize your character - and as you play and gain kills, you gain experience and gain new ranks. Theres also a progressive system that rewards you for achievements like getting headshots and kills with different weapons (which is how you unlock the attachements),

you also get rewards for achieving special stuff in game, like killing people while they're in the air, killing people while you're blind from a flashbang (i just got a reward the other day for killing a guy by shooting his claymore that he set, through a wall with a high velocity ammo gun) LOL. poor guy.

Also theres a really cool system that lets you choose a callsign and banner. Every time you kill someone on there, it shows your banner. I have one right now with a pot leaf and " pineapple express ". just for some stoner love.

With new ranks comes new weapons (machine guns, sub machine gunes, rifles, launcher type weapons, handguns you name it) new weapon attachments - (everything from normal stuff you're used to like silencers and grenade launchers/shotgun attachements - to holographic sights, thermal scopes, and even a heart rate monitor that shows you the general location of enemies :-D)

Ive had modern warfare for a little over a week now, and I can easily say its one of the best games I've ever played online. Although im a heavy PC gamer, I actually prefer it on the PS3...

I highly reccomend moving it to the top of your list you wont be sorry!
How about QuakeLive? Free to play at, it's fast-paced action, runs great, lot's of players. Besides, the Quake games are classics.

It's what I play to blow of steam.
Left4Dead is nothing short of amazing.
Counter Strike is good as well. I never really got in to it but I found it easy. A lot of little kids like to hack in it, though.
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