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    I am buying new computer, perhaps i will have more luck with it while running scrapebox, becouse SB keeps crashing on my current computer (currently i have 36 month old notebook intel core 2 duo 2.2 GHz with 4mb of ram)
    i am thinking what to buy for aproximatly 1000 euros (thats like 1300 to 1400 USD i think). in europian union price of computer (at least in my country) are quite more expensive then in us. i am thinking on something like i7 860 or 870 with 8GB of 1333 ram and i think 1TB HD (although i dont really care much about size of hardrive)

    so i wonder what kind of sites can you recomend me for benchmarks and overall test ? i know best for tomshardware
    i am thinking if i7 is stil a bit overpriced and if i should go perhaps with i5 instead

    but on other side mainly need to know how much better is i7 870 comapred to:
    ASUS G73SW TZ060V I7 2630QM 6GB 500 SSH GTX460 W7P
    its a notebook that in my country costs 1500 EU or aprox 2000 $ USD i think

    i know its a bit wild to have notebook for for any sort of server...but notebooks are more versatile...and if this asus aint a lot slower then mentioned desktrop...then i might consider...not to mention it has SSD (Although i must check this, becouse this sound strange, and i dont know why its writen ssh instead of ssd..but perhaps this is normal harddrive)
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