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    Hi Guys

    Please can someone help me with this? I'm NEW to the whole SETTING UP a site thing. I'm going into my 3rd month hosting with NO SITE running yet. But I'm batteling with the following and I have searched for help in the net, but no luck! I need to set up a OPT-IN, SALES and Thank You Pages. I've got them DONE! But how do I do the following.

    ?How do I get my Opt In Page to display 1st? What do I do with the CODE?? Save it as WHAT or WHERE do I PASTE it to get It to work?
    ?How should I structure my site. (Meaning) eMail Accounts - How Many do I NEED? I would actuanlly just like to get my $27 ebook up for SALE - I have a MEARCHANT Account with ALERTPAY. If I need to setup SSL on the server, I would probably then rather go the ClickBank route, and then I would like to FOLLOW UP with my VISITORS through emails send 1 a week.
    ?How do I collect my visitors emails? I know I have to connect my Opt In Form Fields to SOMETHING! but WHAT?? My cPanel Autoresponder and Mailing List doesn't seem to give me HTML Code!? They waht to use some WEB FORM Interface. Is there a way around this?

    Please Help!!!

    I know I'm asking ALOT. But please help me out of this HOLE. I can NOT afford to pay a PRO for this.
    This site is seppose to BRING IN MONEY or at LEAST leads! Not COST me a FORTUNE to SET UP.

    Thanx Guys!