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    Hey everyone... I just wanted to run a couple things by everyone that has been popping up lately. It seems these things are continuously being asked and hopefully I can lay a few things out on the table here so everyone understands....

    :: 1 :: Selling of EPN Accounts
    You can only sell EPN accounts if you have had your EPN accounts approved by a Mod. Once it has been approved by a Mod you must pay the $10 fee and post in the Sell Your Services section. Do not post in your signature that you are selling EPN accounts - You will be banned. EPN accounts can ONLY be sold if they have blank TaxID information. We are not in the business of selling fraud related accounts on here.

    :: 2 :: Asking Why a User is Banned
    We are in the process of cleaning up this board and making it a better place for everyone. If a user is banned it is because the Staff made a decision - Plain and simple. Please do not post numerous threads "Why Did Joe Blow Get Banned". If we feel you should be informed of why a user has been banned we will make a public post about it.

    :: 3 :: Promotion of Membership Forums/Sites
    Do not under any circumstance post something related to promoting a membership site, membership forum, private coaching, or link to a blog site or streaming video cast of you talking about promoting a private membership site.

    Hope that clears up any confusion anyone might have... If you are still unclear about anything ask a Staff Member... Any one of us will glady help you out!

    Thanks guys!

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    Chair moistener.
    is rule #2 going to be added to the "rules page"?
    might be a good idea.