Please provide some suggestions for new blog/page setup (hosting, domains, WP)

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by audioinjection, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hello BHW! Kind of a noob here, although I've been reading daily and lurking for months now.

    The time has come to finally get some methods up and running. My job has scaled back to 1 project, and my close buddy lost his and is working with me as well.

    So, what I hoping I can get here is a few suggestions for setting up new blogs. I'll elaborate...

    We are going to be starting up several different blogs/pages to attempt several different combine methods to monetize. So far, my first stabs at it were failed, but I learned much from the quick failure.

    I learned pretty much NOT to use blogspot/blogger, since most seems to have reported back bad-fair results, and most successful posts seem to use WP instead.

    So, does anyone have some experienced suggestions as to setting up a free or cheap domain? Hosting tips? Etc.

    I have some tech background, but not much web building experience. I have some wordpress experience, but it's mostly just for old "fun" blogs or logging in to do paid writing for clients. No design stuff.

    So please feel free to approach this and answer as if I am an idiot. Because I could use any specific details and pointers to help me set up the best, free or super cheap sites that can be monetized.

    We'll be doings several different methods, not all BLOGS, but it seems like many use WP to design smaller "webpages" that can be used to sell affilate offers etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions that may help you to help me. Thanks so much everyone! I'll be starting a thread soon to report back my earnings, and discuss the successes and failures of team noob, and our quest to never fill out a job app again!!
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    I suggest you to keep back a Little more time, Make some Money, Say $60-$100, and then come up, buy a domain, and a Unlimited Addon domain allowed hosting!!

    You should never switch into cheap things, or you will never reach anywhere!

    Yes, WP would do a great job as well! :)