Please Pray for My Family & Go Hug Your Kids/Spouse/Partner and Tell Them You Love Them

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    Wow, so not sure what to say and forgive me if I start to not make any sense or rant. My life was devastated by the suicide of my 15 year old nephew. I know what some of you will say; how he should have been stronger or how selfish it was and other arguments and while I tend to agree with some of them, the kid was only 15 and how much strength can a 15 year old have? To make matters worse, he was being bullied by a grown man (who hates my brother in law with a passion) in his 40's or so for something he put on his twitter page. It is my understanding that this same man called my nephew on the morning of his passing and verbally taunted him. I saw my nephew on Facebook the same evening that he took his own life and was about to message him, when I went to check on my kids who were playing in the front yard. I came back and he was offline. 30 min later, I get the call and was told he was dead. Now, I will always wonder! What if I would have messaged him instead of checking on my kids first? Could I have said something that made a difference? Could my message have distracted him long enough to make him forget about what he was about to do? I am mad at my nephew for being so selfish to do what he did, he had to know we would be devastated over this. I am pissed at my self for not messaging him while I first thought about it and I am building a hatred towards the grown man(?) that bullied him. I wish I could get through a day without tears. Anyone ever dealt with suicide of someone who is both so young and so close to you? Anyone have any ideas about what I should do with his home address, phone, website and twitter info. Nothing violent or anything like that, just want to do something to annoy him and get under his skin and do it on a daily basis for until he pulls his website down, shuts his twitter down and gets off line. I want to basically just make his online existence a miserable experience until I get bored with it and that could take years. Sorry for the rant and stupid post, just need to get some shit off my chest. Now, go hug your wife, kids and significant other and tell them you love them what they mean to you, because you never know if it will be the last chance to do so.
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    Oh God, so sorry to hear that man.

    Let him rest in piece...
    And about that older guy who bullied him, beat that psycho up, break his nose, arms. I think he was the reason for that... Don't let it go mate.

    My prayers to you & your family & your friends.
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    So sorry to hear that... This is a really sad story. Hope you and your family will recover from this loss.
    R.I.P. to your nephew...
    You totally right. We have to show our love to people we love. Today could be our or their last day on earth... :(
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    Bullies bully because they're afraid of Realities. Sorry to hear that Bro. RIP to your nephew