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    I checked other questions posted in 'Membership Sites' session and most of them receive just one or two replies. I realize that some questions are asked a million times. Experts get pissed of at noobs asking the same shit over and over. I get all that.

    If you read this far, PLEASE AT LEAST SAY 'GOODLUCK' before you leave.

    So I figured out a kink that's gaining popularity in new markets. So far, it's popular in The US but now Europe and Asia is catching up. Even Brazil has a good fan following for the niche. I am creating a membership forum where contributors get free access and wankers pay for the stuff.
    Here are the things I figured out so far:

    • XenForo is better than vBulletin
    • Offshore/non-DMCA hosting is preferred even if you host user generated content
    • Create a bulletproof TOS/Privacy policy to prevent issues
    However, I can't figure out how much bandwidth I require and how much I end up spending on hosting. Assuming that I have 1000 active users posting every day, I am looking at 100GB of videos/50GB of photos each day (this is a vague estimate and I have no data to back this claim).

    Can I use something like 'PornHub' or 'Tumblr' as my image/video host? Or do I host the entire porn?
    Either way, how much does it cost? How many mods should I recruit in the long run?