Please no more "I got banned and did nothing wrong" threads

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dvdcowboy, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I have been seeing and increase in these threads about being banned from cpa networks for doing nothing wrong and it is getting out of hand. So for those who can not fathom why they got banned, I want to share some insight on why you possibly did so we can put an end to these threads.

    10 Possible reasons.

    1. You filled out your own sign ups and they did not convert.

    2. You tricked people into signing up and conversions sucked.

    3. Your metrics deviate from the campaign standard and your AM suspects something fishy (blank referrers will probably not buy you much sympathy here).

    4. You used a fake proxy ran by a security company and they have been following your traffic. There are plenty of wrong things to do with a proxy, I might add more to this one.

    5. Someone snitched on you for spamming/cs'ing forums/screwing with youtube,CL,digg, etc...

    6. You leave an easy trail to follow by not deleting cookies & flash objects.

    7. You do not hide your blackhat scripts/code from search engines and the public view.

    8. Too much of your traffic seems to have user agents like "Zango, Funwebproducts, Spyware Herpes".

    9. You got caught using iframes in a blackhat manner.

    10. Your greedy!

    Well I hope that helps at least a few people.
    Please keep in mind this is a blackhat board, if you got banned you probably already know why but figuring out the "How" will make your future campaigns far more successful.

    And I will leave you all with a little gem.
    If you can get multiple accounts to a cpa, try to set aside a couple just to test blackhat techniques and new strategies. If you do not burn out the account quickly, you can move that traffic/technique to a more legitimate account.