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    May 22, 2008
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    im trying to add some custom featured posts to my blog home page "picture +half the article" . when writing my posts, i go to the bottom where it says "Custom Fields"

    For the "Key" i enter "left feature" there is also top ,right and other featured spots on my home page

    and for the Value i enter the url where my picture is saved at ""

    Then i click "Add Custom Field" button .

    The picture is where i want it to be " left feature " with the article i posted. but for some reason the article saves as top ,right and left feature post on my home page .and when i try to add a new custom field like "top feature". "top feature" gets saved "pic + article "but the "left feature "is deleted .sorry if this makes no sense i tried to explain it the best i could . can some one please shine some light on this problem. here is the site