Please help!!! New business worst nightmare ever. Seriously I would be so grateful

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    As a means of remaining confidential I unfortunately I need to not disclose my business title and will use a made up business instead.... sorry about that but Im having a big problem and need help.

    Lets say that in the women's purse industry there is a special type of women's luxury purse called a double strap gold buckle purse. This is an often searched term and known through the industry as being quite a luxurious style of purse.

    So I come along and open a business and website that sells purses and call it "double strap gold buckle purses" as a means of having a name that sounds good and draws attention. However now when I google double strap gold buckle purse the top result right under my google business (with map and phone number) is a blog article from some purse review blogger titled "the truth about double strap gold buckle purses". Although it has nothing to do with my company it sounds bad and sounds like my company is a scam.

    What are my options?

    I notice that my company website ranks halfway down the first page (website has been out a month) as well as yelp profiles and social media profiles which also go on to populate most of the second page of google ex: double strap gold buckle purse Facebook, doublestrap gold buckle purse pint rest etc.

    Given that these are new will they eventually just rank up in google and flood the first page and push the blog out of the way?

    Here are the things I have thought of so far....
    -put out youtube videos with my name in it and make them good, hopefully they will push the bad blog down.
    - Also when I type in "double strap gold buckle purse review" into google, the negative blog is the first thing that pops up. I will create a blog title on my site with those keywords and fill it with testimonials from my customers.

    Will creating a blog with the exact keywords "double strap gold buckle purse review" insure that it is the first thing to pup up since its an exact match or could other sites that have similar combos of keywords rank higher due to popularity? What wins? exact match or popularity?

    anyways I hope I explained myself right... Please help if you can it would mean so much to me.
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    What you're talking about is going to be pretty difficult. Some sites are heavily favored by google for "review" terms. I would suggest finding an ORM company that you trust and talking to them about how they would go about suppressing (pushing down the negative).

    The basics of your work would include creating positive content to replace the negative, link building, social promotion, and more. We typically take that one step further and try to incorporate marketing for you as well with Marketwired press releases, real bloggers talking about your company, etc.