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    I have my website. My niche is not very much competitive.

    I want to rank for the keywords, I do have SB (Scrapebox).

    Can you guys help me with a plan to what SEO to do to my website.

    What I do is create some web 2.0's manually, and after 4-5 days article submission to 5-6 sites... high PR .. And some blog commenting. My website is now on 5th - 6th I want to make it #2 at least.

    Can you guys please help me with a SEO plan.. I mean what should I do :(
    Thanks and REP will be given
    Thank you
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    Oh boy, I mean there is much you can do. I would recommend following some threads here in the forum that talk about their journey. They talk about their strategies, best practices and results.

    Go ahead try it on your site if it works, great, outsource, rinse and repeat. If not try something else...
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