Please help me out, i'm failing hard at IM...

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    I could really use some help or pointers from people that make a decent automatic earning from IM...Actually anybody with ideas feel free to help me out :)

    I'm fully motivated when it comes to IM, I take action and realize that success won't come fast. But still I really don't know where i'm screwing up here.
    From Thursday I have spend almost 40 Hours Taking Action, 30% of this time was used researching and the rest was used to actually try out Earnings from all the work.....$1.00

    While I find this f*cking ridicilous i'm not letting myself get demotivated by this, but I really do feel stupid putting in so much work without a reward.
    I actually already do make some money with IM which is quite nice, but being unable to do expand my methods and make more money doing something different makes it seem as if I just was very lucky in the past.

    The methods I have used?

    1. CPA + Youtube - 19 Manual Videos, 20.000~ Real Visitors in 2.5 days and 1 Conversion
    2. CPA + Forums - PM'ing forum members niche specific CPA offers - 0 conversions
    3. CPA + Existing Websites - 3000 Visitors and 4 Clicks
    4. aZon + Youtube - 1800 Video Visitors, 16 clicks and no earnings

    So what should I do? Drop this method and do something else? But what, everything that I did in the past to secure the earnings i make now will need an investment, which isn't in my budget right now....

    I've told myself that i'm just going to keep on working on IM untill one day it all pays off. In some ways most of my work in the past is paying off today but I really feel like I hit a wall with what i'm doing at the moment.
    I'm movitated as hell, I wake up and before my Coffee is done i'm already at my computer going through potentional work for the day, so any help is really appreciated !