Please Help - Caffeinated Content not pulling from Yahoo!


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Apr 7, 2008
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Hi, I've got CC from here and it was working fine, however, I had to reload my blog and plugins and now it's not pulling from yahoo at all. It pulls from youtube just fine. Please Help!
I bought CC a while back ago and it is working fine. There are a lot of others having the same problem using the shared version.
I purchased CC some time ago, on php 4, it was ONLY pulling Yahoo answers. So I upgraded to php 5, and now its pulling everything EXCEPT Yahoo answers.

Support seems to be nonexistent I just hope he upgrades soon and fixes it all.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a fix to make it run Yahoo answers on php 5, I'm all ears....

@Cindy , check if the field in CC Settings Yahoo Developer id isn't blank. If it is, fill it with YahooDemo. If it doesn't help you can find CC 3.3.5 in download section which works fine. Hope it helps :)
Just for those of you having the same problem this worked:

here is the solution to the problem i raised above":

Find inside the Caffeinated Content folder and edit the following:

On line 905


$ques_url = f_fde258($appkey).$appid.'&query='.str_replace(" ", "%20", $keyword)."&results=$max&start=$start";

Change to:


$ques_url = ''.$appid.'&query='.str_replace(" ", "%20", $keyword)."&results=$max&start=$start";

On line 906


$rss_file = "";

Change to:


$rss_file = f_12d3d8($ques_url);

Works like a Charm!
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