Please get me 1000s of FB Likes!!!

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    May 19, 2012
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm pretty new here, this is probably my first new thread. From the little time that I have spent here I understand that you guys know a lot about SEO and promoting websites so I was wondering if anyone here can help me out with a little problem.

    I started this new website called "Guitargreed" I want to concentrate on getting traffic from FB for now as it's probably too early to expect google to give me a good ranking. I've set up a facebook page for which I need several targeted followers, now to do that I need some likes so that they are motivated to like my page and feel there are quite a few other who already like them. I know that this is against ethical standards but I need to get this site rolling one way or another. So could anyone get me some FB likes for my page.

    I have tried addmysite and youlikehits and sites like that but it takes forever to get the likes, do you guys know any faster way to do this? Plus, I am really hard pressed for time right now so I would really appreciate it if someone could get me some likes for this page.

    Thanks in advance