Please correct my idea if it has got some weak points.

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    1. First of all my site is only 1 week old.
    What I've done is I've created Tier 1 pages (around 10-15 total) made of article dirs, web2o, videos. I've used 1 video and 1 article, which was spoon with TBS to over 30% uniq.

    2. Each of those tier 1 sites has got from 1 to 3 links to my moneysite (if its only 1, its to the homepage, if its 2 or 3 it links to the inner pages that I want to rank aswell, so to get thist straight - some tier 1 websites are linking to 3 urls of my moneysite).

    3. I've bookmarked all tier 1 websites.

    4. I've made a random blast to tier 1 sites using web2o and forum profiles.

    5. RSS all tier 1 sites.

    6. I've also have got around 50 articles waiting for approval to my moneysite, with the same 30% uniq. article, just to randomize links.

    Have I done the 1st tier correctly? I hope so :) If not, please tell me what I've done wrong

    What am I planning to do now, is to do all the things I've done with the same article and video, but insted of linking it to the money site, I want to link it to those tier 1 sites. So those sites will be my tier 2.
    This will be 2nd day.

    Next, on 3rd day I will start blasting tier 2 sites with xrumer, amr, and scrapebox. How many links should i create daily?
    Is it a good idea to just blast those tier 2 sites just once but not help google to index them? So the links would get indexed in a longer time period.

    After that I will stop building backlinks to my homepage, and focus on the posts (post urls) for keywords that I want to rank.

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    I think even the tier 1 should take 2 - 3 days to complete. You don't want it to look purposeful to big G.

    Spread out submissions of everything over a few days, dont post everything and bookmark them all at once.

    When you do SB and xrumer blasts you can do as many as you like to the lower tier, but dont ping or bookmark them. Let G find them slowly on its own.

    Your articles should be spun WAY over 30% uniqueness. I usually aim for 50% to 60%. How you do this is not just spinning words, but also spinning sentences, spinning HTML codes like "<h1>, <BR>" and so forth. TBS allows for code spinning.

    Also spin things like sentence length, sentence count, and paragraphs.

    That will drive your uniqueness well above 50%.

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