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    Hello fellow Backhatters,

    I am new to this forum, so I beg your pardon if I am asking same questions which has been posted here several time. Yesterday I browsed about 22 pages of BHW Facebook category but couldn?t find the answer of my questions. Hence I am making this thread to know answers/suggestions from Facebook marketing gurus.

    1. When one plans to buy fans for the Facebook fan page which one to go for targeted/non-targeted fans?

    2. Though I do know the difference of targeted fans and non-targeted fans but I failed to understand how a person selling Facebook fan service able to deliver ?Targeted fans? in such short period of time? are those all fake accounts ? if not then why the delivery time for both non-targeted and targeted fans is most of the time same ??

    3. When you say buying targeted fans does that means targeting is based on country only and not based on fan page content ? if yes, then how one can get real targeted fans who likes your fan page content as well as comes from our choice of countries.

    4. How difficult is to build fan page with not million but at least 50-80k fans for the page which is based on humor and funny/lol pics ?

    On side note I already bought non-targeted fans for my fan page and needless to say it turned out waste of money :|

    Thank you for taking out your time for reading and replying to this thread.