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    Aug 18, 2015
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    Hello. I'm planning to make a classifieds website for a specific niche and i need a few advices before i buy domain, hosting etc
    First of all, i heard about Wordpress and that's great because i don't have any skills in website creation.
    So there is this wordpress theme called Classiads and that's exactly what i looking for.

    Now for the monetization :
    There are affiliate programs in my niche and i would like to know how i can replace (or create with the same theme) a page of my future website, with, instead of the listings, the affiliate ads.
    For example if people click "Category : Computers", instead of landing to an actual computer category, they land on a fake one with the same theme but with my affiliate ads...

    thank you and sorry for my bad english, i'm not a native speaker.