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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ingredible, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Hi, I am planning to start a very big whitehat project in a VERY Very competive Niche.

    But here are the things what should make it possible for me to rank very high:
    1.) Hundreds of professional self-made videos (I have copyright) for this niche - and I would show them for free
    2.) Partner who is really fanatic of this niche - also working in his reallife in this niche. So very much unique self written content etc.

    I know that this is very hard work, but I want to do it, but I have some questions:

    Should I first finish the project on my PC and than throw everything up on the internet in one day, or should I start with big categorys and add slowly content to the sub-categorys, or what do you suggest.

    And which type of SEO work would come towards me (besides on-site Seo).

    I am thankfull for everything you can tell me
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    Get your site up and designed on a test server with 6 blog posts or 6 articles ready. All your service pages should be filled out too. You should have a reserve of 15 articles to release after launch slowly. Prepare press releases and toss them around the webs HARO is a good site. Do a soft launch a few days prior to iron out any problems. so much more to mention...go to seomoz's website and search up their site launch checklist. prepare to be overwhelmed