placing banner ads to perfectly fit in a uniform column?


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Aug 5, 2008
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hey all,

I'm not very good at buliding a site, I've used some site buliders,
but something always leaves me questioning "how did they do that"

on many sites (this is not my site, I'm just using it for example, could be any site really)

makemoneyonline4idiots that's a dot com

I don't understand how one gets banners
all the same size so they fit in a defined
column width (without degrading the quality
of the banner if I manipulte it) it's like the
banners are "tailored" to the column? (on the right)

this has always been a stumbling block for me.....any suggestions appreciated ( have access to DW and intuit/homestead)

it's almost like the entire column of ads on
the right side are "designed" to fit, but since
I need to do it myself, is there any tool that
I can use to "help form" the ads and column?

thanks Hali :)~
You have a few options if I am understand you correctly.

1. Change the banner size in a graphic program like Photoshop or Gimp etc.
2. Size the image directly from the elment attributes
<IMG SRC="image.gif" ALT="some text" WIDTH="45" HEIGHT="45">
3. Create a containing div block in the CSS define the height and width and use overflow:hidden. This will clip some of the banner but the image will retain it's quality.

You can send me the link so I can see the site and I can give you some more detailed help if you need it.

Good Luck!
hey platinum,

sorry I'm so late in reply, trying to make money and keep afloat!

appreciate the info.....

you can see the site I was referring to and the
vertical links on the right side

do you think that the suggestions you made could
truley have the effect that his or her "link block"
(don't know what to call it?) has?

because it appears to be so perfectly tailored?
or is that "par for the course" utilizing
your suggestion

I think I've tried the basic steps you've mentioned before
but they are a world away from what I see on that site?

or is that easy am I'm soooo NOB!
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