Pivot Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

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    Okay so I am relatively new to BHW but I've stumbled on a pretty neat method of generating sales that I haven't seen posted on here. It involves a technique that uses "pivot keywords" to generate sales for the brand or product that you want. This technique can pretty much only be used when you are a marketing a particular brand of product. I'm pretty sure no one has posted about this particular technique so hopefully I'm not barging in on anyone's turf.

    The thing about this technique is that beginners can go into a highly competitive niche and steal some sales by using keywords that aren't highly populated by marketers. It's a great way to gain traction and earn some money so that you can compete in the big keywords.

    Basically what you're going to want to start with is intense keyword research. Here are the steps I took. Though I used some paid tools, this can be accomplished using free tools (though much more tediously).

    1. Enter a popular website in your niche into AHREFS.
    2. Export the list of keywords that AHREFS says they rank for.
    3. Import this list 100 at a time into Adwords Keyword tool (or 800 at a time into SECockpit). Obviously pick and choose as you go, skip the heavy keywords that you have no chance of ranking for.
    4. Take a look at all the high volume, low competition keywords that come up.
    5. Find a keyword for a brand that sells the same product as the product you're selling but doesn't offer an affiliate program. If you can't find such a keyword, than look for a keyword where people are searching for your product in a roundabout way. For example, I targeted a keyword that was "Walmart [My product] It has huge search volume and basically no competition because people think there's no money to be made from it. But there is.

    Tip: Use a popular forum for your keyword research. Keywords that forums rank highly for are usually low competition. This is how I found my keyword.

    Now that you've found a great keyword, you have to monetize it.

    1. Write a post about your experience with the brand or type of product that they were searching for. I wrote a post about my experience with the Walmart version of my product. I wrote it in a negative tone and advised readers not to go this route.
    2. I instead recommended the brand that I am selling and provided them with a link to my review of that product as well as the website where they could buy it.

    This is how I pivot and turn mildly targeted traffic into highly targeted traffic. HOpefully this can help some of the beginners get a head start in their niche so they can compete.
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    This is solid advice, it's like writing a squeeze page for an affiliate offer you have that sells for $100 +, but offering 4 additional affiliates for a lesser price. People who are willing to spend $xxx on a product will generally still purchase the marquee product, however people who are still unsure will convert higher if they see a price competitive alternative.

    I like your method since you can target a relatively low competition keyword into selling a product to the same consumer base who may not necessarily be 'married' to the idea of purchasing the product they were looking via Google.

    It s all about using human psychology with the customer, take them on a purchasing journey and see where it leads them.
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    Even though its an old trick but indeed a good method to get conversion for any niche you are targeting.