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Pissed off of betting scams

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by bharat-group, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. bharat-group

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    Hi i wanted to deposit today 10k pounds with a ratio of 1:7 that the UK is leaving the EU.
    So i contacted Unibet and asked if this would be an issue.Of course they claimed there wont be any issue because of the amount of money.So i created the account deposited 10k pounds and tried to get the bet.
    I was shocked when seeing the system allows me only to bet for 150 pounds.So i instantly contacted support asking to increase the amount as promised.But they just said they can't.After that i demanded a refund so i can use the funds to bet on another platform.So they claimed that they can't refund before i wont make a bet because of laundery laws.I had a small look at their terms and they tried to scam me a second time since the laudery law is only if you dont play and request to send funds to another bank account which i didnt.So i contacted again the support and told them that i request quick refund to my orginal account and they still tried to add me the bs that they are not allowed to refund.So i clearly stated that i demand and that i make screenshots of the convo (since there is no phone support during EM).
    After they saw i was aware about their support fraud they instantly made a account check and requested all documents from me like copy of governmental id,bank statement that i deposited the money to their account etc.
    I got pissed since i saw they wont refund my money quickly and i told them that i will make them held responsible for the loss if the UK leaves tomorrow the EU.
    I instanty demanded the law that allows them to request a copy of my governmental id and asked them if they want to take a loan on my name with the copy and that even the police is not allowed to request such a thing by law.Of course only the jada jada answer see our terms where there is not a single word about governmental id.
    Since i'm 99% sure that UK leaves tomorrow EU i guess i will have no other choise but to sue the company.Only what pisses me off is the quick money i didnt made and the hassle which is coming expecially since that company is in malta but i will go for my 75.000 pounds.