Pissed Consumer Faking Freshness Using Blackhat Techniques

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by charto03, May 7, 2013.

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    fixing your rep.
    If you have ever searched for a brand online than you more than likely have run into a fake or crazy listing on Scam website Pissedconsumer.com As you probably can tell about 70% of the postings on these unmmoderated websites are false while the other 30% tend to be true about a company or person. The thing that I did notice today however is that they are faking freshness by refreshing old pages that have not had any sort of update. They hide it (BLACK HAT :cool:) so that you cant tell but only by seeing it in serps with the (1 day go) updates but yet there are no updates.

    Thoughts on scam websites using this as a BH tactic?
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    I had an ORM client who needed one of them removed. I actually just made a post on Google spam and reported them on their web forums and a couple weeks later I saw the site on the 3rd page. In addition to that I also did this thing where i'd choose all the link ranking before the pissedconsumer and 3 ranking after and build links to them. We can't change douchy behavior only outsmart it...Good luck with your client
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    I have also noticed sites doing this, its a bit interesting how they go about it and how Google buys into it. Although I understand that Google really can't do all that much analysis to see the changes but yes sometimes updating date + minor content (automated) can make it appear theres been a latest post when there hasnt' at all. Im sure this helps CTR big time as well.
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    PU does more than refresh the content without altering it. They leave a very large foot print with their "like complaints" blogroll. It is that blogroll that creates backlinks. Those self generated, page rank passing, backlinks are what gives each of their ... complains ... the power to rank. Those links are also a violation of Googles TOS. So what you should do is make a listing of that footprint and the page that it links to and submit it to Googles SPAM team. Let Google tune the swimming bird to that. Creating linking pages does not violate G's TOS, but when they pass page rank it does.

    Another thing you should consider, refreshing a page without adding content does not violate G's TOS. On any html page that I push, down at the bottom I have a little tag that reads "Updated on:" whether I have changed the content or not. Wordpress does this automatically. That updated tag lets your readers know that the page has been reviewed. It is the SEO plugins like Yoast, it properly configured that change the title tag. Changing a URL, or a title tag, is not a violation of Googles TOS.

    Look into the spam self generated links.