Pirate Update: Google Will Penalize Sites Repeatedly Accused of Copyright Infringement

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    Chair moistener.
    if you are running a tube-site, beware.
    (this is for those of you who haven't seen this yet)

    Google Lowering Ranks of Penalized Sites
    Aug 10, 2012,
    by Danny Sullivan

    Has someone filed a large number of DMCA "take down" requests against your site? If so, look out. There's a new penalty that may cause you to rank lower in Google's search results. It joins other penalties (also called "filters" or "updates") such as "Panda" and "Penguin."

    We're dubbing this one the "Pirate Update" as it's aimed at copyright piracy.

    Hollywood Hates Google

    Google posted about the penalty here - http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ca/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html

    Originally, we called it the "Emanuel Update" in honor of Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel, who helped prompt it. "Pirate" is a clearer name, so we've switch to that. But here's the role Emanuel and Hollywood played in making the Pirate Update happen.

    Google has had no lack of criticism from the entertainment industry over the past few years, criticism that's also caused some content owners to hold back on doing deals with the company.

    One of the most recent flare-ups came at the D Conference earlier this year, when Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, groused that Google could filter out pirated content if it really wanted to. He said:

    "I don't want them to censor results, but they have a bunch of smart guys there that can figure this stuff out.

    Look, Google can filter and does filter for child pornography. They do that already. So stealing is a bad thing, and child pornography is a bad thing."

    It's well worth watching the video of his discussing this, which starts around 47 minutes in here. Google later responded saying things weren't so easy. Said Google, as covered in AllThingsD:

    "I think he was misinformed, very misinformed," Google's Susan Wojcicki responded today onstage. "We do not want to be building a business based on piracy." As compared to child porn, which people can generally recognize on sight, Wojcicki said, "When I see content, I don't know if you own the copyright."

    Detecting Pirates

    But as it turns out, there is a way that Google can guestimate if there's copyright infringement happening, by making use of Digital Millennium Copyright Act "take down" requests.

    These requests are one of the ways to get content removed from Google. Anyone can file a request. It's not proof of copyright infringement. It's merely an allegation, and one that can be challenged. But Google evaluates each request, and if deemed valid, content is removed.

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    Youtube and Blogspot should be at the top of that list, but they''ll never be penalized
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    Complete bullshit. Ignores the whole reason WHY Google filters out child porn.

    Is it because they are the unofficial and unpaid law enforcement arm of the united states? No. Google provides a service to it's users, and it's users do not want some website's child porn showing up on search results.

    Google's users don't give a fuck if something "Ari" thinks is copyrighted shows up in it's search results, particularly if what they are looking for happens to be that copyrighted material.

    Google is to blame here. They had an opportunity WAY back to simply tell the US Government and the movie industry to go fuck themselves. And they've got the financial backing to make that point. The movie industry has PLENTY of money to enforce their own copyright claims, but they want Google to do it for them, and for free. Google's fault for not telling them to go fuck themselves years ago, and now they've allowed the situation to come to this.