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    Hey guys...I have a quick tip for you guys that aren't making money on Pinterest yet. If you are pinning alot and seeing some repins and likes on your images you may be leaving some good sources of traffic behind.

    Log into whatever you check your web stats and find out what URL's from Pinterest are pulling in the most traffic. Most of the time you will find its coming from other people that pinned your image.

    What you want to do is find the pin URL pulling the most traffic and copy this URL.

    Go to Addmefast and send alot of repins to this URL to start seeing massive traffic.

    >>>Note: Make sure your URL is in the pin destination<<<

    What you are doing here is giving your pin a viral affect and with the research you did you know this pin is already seeing traffic.

    You will start getting more natural repins on your main account too from doing this. It works.

    So get out there and try it.
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