Pinterest + FB+ Shopify Journey. My very first Journey Post.


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Jan 28, 2009
Ok guys and gals, I've decided to give Shopify a go because it seems easy enough to do and it doesn't take a genius to do it. And, I am not a genius so this may be perfect for me. We will see.
My main focus is to convert using pinterest as well as facebook ads.
Here is what I am going to do, in this order:

  1. Find My Niche. (Done)
  2. Sign up for Shopify. (Done) 14 day free trial.
  3. Redirect a domain to my Shopify Store. (Done) At this point I'm not going to focus on placing products into my store yet. This will come after I get a set amount of followers on pinterest.
  4. Sign up for AliExpress. (Done)
  5. Make a bogus pinterest account. (Done) I had to make my pinterest persona appear to be a woman because my niche targets women.
  6. Build pinterest followers by re-pins, following niche related members and receiving reciprocal follows. I am not automating anything so I will manually build my pinterest following. I will also be re-pinning daily to keep my followers interested.
  7. Get around 2000 followers on pinterest. I will not stop at 2000. I eventually want 10k+ follower, but in the beginning this is my first goal for followers. Once I achieve this I will then go back to my shopify store and find related products to place into my store front from AliExpress. I will begin small. Maybe 5 or 6 products to start with. No need for anything fancy during my testing period.
  8. Start pinning the products I have on shopify directing my followers to the site.
  9. Go to my facebook ads account and start testing ads in my niche. I will begin with 4 or 5 differently worded averts targeting both the broad audience as well the more direct audience. Test and determine what works on facebook then kill the ads that don't work, and tweek the ones that do. I will begin with a $5 per day budget and scale up as needed. Likely in $5 intervals.
Like I said, I am doing all of this manually, no automation. I've never tried eCommerce before so this will be a new venture for me. I am not unfamiliar with how everything works though so I cannot claim to be a total noob at this. However, I am new to Drop shipping. It seems like the longest part of getting this set up correctly is building the pinterest following. If everything goes well with the first few products I will spend more time on building an even better store front with pages and more products. Hopefully I will find a point that I can manage without having to hire help once everything gets up a rolling full steam.

If money is made within the trial period on Shopify, I will upgrade the account. I will also post on this thread every few days with my achievements and stats. And for those of you who are going to ask "Why not WooCommerce?" I prefer shopify, period.
Today's new stats and earnings.

New Pins by me= 17
Followed = 300
Now following = 300
Followers = +27
Products in store = 0
FB Ads = 0
Spending = $0
Earnings = $0
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Today's new stats and earnings.

New Pins by me= 17
Followed = 300
Now following = 300
Followers = +27
Products in store = 0
FB Ads = 0
Spending = $0
Earnings = $0

Stick at it mate, Pinterest is a long hard struggle but one you get over the 700 followers hump you should see organic followers coming in.
Be sure to mix re-pins with some of your own more viral pin's related to your niche.

Also look into joining large boards related to your niche as this will allow you to post to a big audience later down the road.
It's a good idea to tap into the analytics on pinterest also to see what results your efforts are having in the short and long term.
Todays Update!

Had some life issues over the past few days that has limited me on what I was able to accomplish.

I decided to change my niche after some more research. I picked a new niche that I really enjoy in my own life so I can intelligently market and maybe even make a brand. Anyway, There has been no earnings to record yet, I haven't marketed anything yet, but here is what I have done over the past 24 hours.

  • I've gotten my Shopify up and running with 13 products in 2 different categories. Domain purchased and integrated into my Shopify so now my store URL is instead of My site layout is really simple and easy to navigate. I've also made contact with a dropshipper who wants to partner up with me. I have hopes that I will get even better prices than he has listed on his Ali account. Once I got going on adding products it became easier and easier to do it. I can now have a new product in my store published in less than 4 minutes with a title, description and 3 photos. That will likely get faster the more I do it.
  • I will be making blog posts on my site that are relevant to my niche. I'm thinking 4 to 6 new blog posts per week for the first 4 or 5 weeks. That's in hopes to begin receiving organic eventually. I am also going to write a few articles for ezine and articlebase that will be relevant to my niche. I have also begun joining niche related forums and made some contributions to some of their topics. I will begin to promote on these forums after I have posted some content and made an impression on the groups. (Probably 30 - 45 days)
  • 1st FB add is up and running. I started with $5 per day budget per ad. I will be watching this closely and raising the budget if needed. I plan to finish 3 more ads before I go to work tonight. I am going to test these ads for 5 days and check conversions/profits and scale up or down as needed.
Also, I integrated an email opt in pop up into my site with a 5 second ticker so I can possibly start an email list to market to at a later date. I am also using what I call a "Bait" method. This is when you "Give Away" a product and have the buyer just pay shipping, which is $5.99 in this case. The product I am "Giving Away" retails for $11.99. I can purchase it from AliExpress for $.67 and have it shipped for $1.39 with a delivery date of 10 - 15 days from purchase. I have featured this item on my home page so it's the first thing you see when you enter my site. Essentially my customers will be receiving an item that is worth $11.99 and only pay $5.99 for it and making me $3.93 per "Free" give away. But the intent on this method is to get people to your site. So directly under the give away item I have all of the related products listed for the potential buyer to see. This is in hopes to score an up-sale. Regardless if they purchase more or not I still earn $3.93 for the give away.

I had to start a new pinterest account and I have not done anything with it yet because of being so busy with all of the other stuff.

New Pins by me= 4
Followed = 0
Now following = 0
Followers = 0
Products in store = 13
FB Ads = 4
Spending = $13
Earnings = $0
I decided to change my niche after some more research. I picked a new niche that I really enjoy in my own life so I can intelligently market and maybe even make a brand.

Making a solid start mate, picking a niche to run with can be the most annoying stage for some people but by picking a niche you know and are passionate about makes it a whole heap easier when it comes to writing and promoting as you know exactly what the audience is looking for. Also posting links on Forums or other areas comes more naturally as you can answer questions with more ease about niche related products and become a high authority figure more quickly.

If you need any assistance with Facebook ad's hit me up as run batches each and every day getting good results. In the beginning at least for me your aiming for targeting following to your Facebook page as if you get viral or organic likes here things roll naturally towards your email-opt's and sales will come naturally over time with little to no pushing.

One area to look into down the line (Once you've had a few sales to be sure things convert) are the plugins that are available on shopify to increase conversions and polish the purchasing process.

Are you still doing pinterest+shopify?

I'm doing it too. For the past 3 months this method has bring me $200/month. Still low, but considering the effort that I put (nearly zero effort), it's really worth it. I see that you're targetting to reach 10k+ follower. I don't say that getting follower is bad, but let me tell you a comparison. My friend has 123k+ pinterest follower, but I only have around 900 follower. But when I see the analytic, his 'Avg. monthly viewers' is lower than mine. I am around 240k while he is around 200k. I dont know why.

I have around 100 products in my store so there is 100 pins about my product in pinterest. Only one of my pin now has 2k repins (I dont know how I did it). And that $200/month is from that sole pin. I always imagined that all of my pins has more than 2k repins, $20000/month would be a piece of cake XD.

And also, are you pinning one by one all of your shopify product? FYI if you create pinterest channel on shopify, shopify will automatically pin it to your pinterest profile.
Hey OP any updates ? I am doing something similar but I am going with a broad niche. Done setting up my website and going to work on social media accounts now (pinterest, IG and FB page). Would love to hear how your journey has been and some tips if you have.
why don't you scale it up
Get a Massplanner, buy some proxies, buy some aged pinterest account.

I mean this is the basic rule of IM
First read, learn , experiment and then scale it up .

Anyways best of luck for your journey
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