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    To make my life easier I prefer to code my own programs and tools to automate my journeys and methods. I've had this for a while and improving here and there and I've recently seen how many users use Pinterest lately (including myself) mostly for traffic and automating pins is definitely a time saver, leaving you with time to spend on other methods.

    I've seen countless websites that automate pins but they are ridiculously expensive and I find it ridiculous for anyone to actually use them. I've been wondering whether or not I should improve my code and post it online to be used, It is a PHP based script, which you'd create your account, input your data, and pins and schedule it to be posted to boards that is gathered from your account and saved into MySQL.

    I'd rather ask instead of create everything for users and turn out to be a waste of time. Please, leave your answers below whether or not you'd be interested.

    PS: is a ranking tracker which is using PHP, it would be pretty much the same idea but completely towards pinterest(for those who does not know what PHP is, or MySQL), account, data, etc.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I'd use something like that, sure.
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