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    Hi guys, I am currently experimenting with pinpal a little. My problem is with the following funtion of the pinpal bot.
    As users of the bot you put in keywords and it searches the user to follow based on them.

    So I put together a keyword list of about 100 keywords and its pretty pinterest specific. Categories and a few category specific words etc.
    Now since I have a few hundread accounts after the first follow the keyword list is "unusable". I guess because the users are saved in the already followed file so on the next run there are no very minimal new users to scrape in order to follow them.

    How do you guys deal with this? Do you just get a huge keyword list of unrelated keywords. Do you guys delete the already followed file and ist just doesn't matter if you have a lot of duplicates on all your accounts? Or ist there some other way to do this?

    Pretty weird to me this function with pinpal being a mass account managament tool and this being a severe flaw as faras I can see.

    Thanks in advance guys