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Ping’s Newest Golf Clubs PING G20 Drivers

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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Come and see the latest golf clubs for your need at golf clubs sale.

    The Ping G20 Driver is for all ability levels.

    The clubface on the 460cc head is larger, creating more forgiveness across the hitting area and the G20's head rotation is neutral, allowing the golfer to deliver the clubface straight at impact.

    The external weighting of the G20 driver helps launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy. Distance is generated with a new version of Ping's proprietary high-balance-point shaft technology, which allows the golfer to swing a heavier clubhead at the same speed with a high moment of inertia.

    1. High Launch. An external weight positions the CG for high launch and low spin to maximize distance and accuracy.

    2. Large, Forgiving Face. The G20's clubface is longer, creating forgiveness and power across the entire hitting surface.

    3. Aerodynamic Head Design. A key power generator is an aerodynamic 460cc head with reduced drag to increase clubhead speed. External weighting optimizes the CG position to maximize distance.

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