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    I was just listening to some 90's music, and since I'm a 90's kid I've got a lot of good memories from those times, I dunno maybe it's just nostalgia or maybe things were different back then, or maybe it's because I was a kid. Anyway, cameras are amazing for the simple fact that they allow us to archive memories of past times and although people still take pictures these days I don't really think it's the same anymore. I see people take thousands of pictures and just upload them to the likes of Facebook like there's no tomorrow.

    Anyway other than the above I had an actual question to ask, does anyone have any recommendations for hardware that can be used to digitize paper photos? And possibly old photo films? I've seen some around the web and on eBay but not really sure if these cheap eBay ones are any good.

    Also, does anyone know of any good picture manager, something that I could use to sort out pictures in a way where I could easily copy them onto a hard drive and have them sorted into folders even without the software?

    Edit: Maybe this wasn't the best title for the thread, my mind is one hectic place. lol
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