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    Just found this one and it looks like a good choice for anyone who want to run their own tinurl service or just have a link cloaker for once affiliate links.

    It's a simple script but got some nice features like admin panel, captcha and duplicate url record handling.

    As a free choice I think it got what one need for cloaking affiliate links.

    Script Features:

    * May handle billion of records (seperated SQL table structure, it depends on your server configuration)
    * CAPTCHA (image) verification (configurable)
    * reCAPTCHA support (configurable)
    * Can run with or without mod_rewrite module (configurable)
    * Can handle urls with or without http:// prefix
    * Duplicate URL record handling
    * URL prunning/cleaning via cron-job (configurable)
    * Very easy installation
    * Simple administration for record deletion
    * Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and valid CSS coded
    * Free - Licensed under GPL