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    First of all I'm new here, found this forum while looking for something else but hello there.. I think this sounds about the closest place to post this.

    Secondly.. well long story short I have a part time IT job and I need a quick bit of advice if anyone is kind enough.

    My boss had be add a page to their site to let customers sign up, simple php page which takes the info and posts it to an sql database.

    Seems to work fine but thats not the issue, I added CAPCHA (or captcha.. you know what I mean) but theres plenty of bots around which bypass this kind of thing to sign up on forums and w/e to advertise (like xrumer.)

    I want to stress test the page to make sure it wont get spammed full of junk or give someone a way to flood the server to death.

    I havent the skill to code my own so I'm looking for software that will aim at one page and constantly send varying info to it (like from a combo list or something) better yet if it use's some sort of OCR (the images it use's are crap but it was the ones they want.. didnt want to make it too hard for clients.)

    Willing to pay for the software if thats what it takes but either way, any advice really appreciated.

    On a side note, I dont know if xrumer comes with a forum list but I stumbled upon a webserver this morning with a pretty big list of forums if it doesnt.