php doesn`t connect with mysql in windows server help me I will pay you


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Oct 30, 2008
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php doesn't connect with mysql in windows server with IIS our website is build in both php and .net applications so we have to host it in windows server.

All my tech people unable find out the issue.

please help me I will pay you.

It depends which library you are using (PDO or just the procedural mysql commands or mysqli). Make sure the extension is uncommented in php.ini. If it still not works, do a phpinfo(); and post it here.
php runs only in linux server not with windows server that is the reason why you can't connect

1. Install Xampp
2. Start Apache, Start MySql
3. In a web browser find out where
4. Click on the phpinfo() and note the php.ini location incase you need in future
5. Look at the MySql by clicking phpMyAdmin

If your connecting to this machine from another ensure
a.) Firewall allows mysql port
b.) copy from xampp files the correct version of libmysql.dll to the system32 directory of the machine running the .net app
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Probably is a firewall issue. Or Mysql not running. XAMPP is the best way to go. It will install all for you and will be listning. Make sure to turn off IIS to free port 80. Later you can change apache port (to 8080 or whatever)

Of course it runs. Do you know that Microsoft is one of the major PHP sponsor? PHP install directly and work in IIS. Of course it runs better on Apache and Linux/Debian/whatever flavor. Even the Azure platform has PHP extentions.
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