PHP and Ebay coding help required


Sep 24, 2008
I have had a hell of a time finding a good coder. Basically I had an ebay script that needs to be updated to work with the ebay epn affiliate network. The guy who was working on it 3 months ago has disappeared off the planet..literally. Anyways I thought I would ask here. Anyone who can help pm me I will send you a link with the old working script and a zip file. Have a look at both and then give me an idea how much it would cost to get it working with ebay epn. We will go from there.
You might want to take a look at rent a, They are really cheap freelancers over there. I dont know enough about php or I would have a look. I know php but probably not enough for what you need.
xplicit I will have a look at the site thanks. I thought someone here could use some christmas cash.
OO, I am sure theres more people that might be interested, I was showing you a site that I have used in the past... Dont give up on the BHatters, Its night time on a friday, You might get more responses in the morn.

I just dont have a life and married with 2 kids, thats why I am home browsing the
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