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    For those of you that are in or have been in the pharmacy weight loss space, you know how lucrative it is. Our herbal alterative to phentermine, phentermin, has been around now for a few years and we have a lot of affs making 5 figures/monthly with our 40-50% payout. You can choose between running your clicks and sales through our shareasale program, or our in-house program. At SAS we are currently showing a $309 Earnings, which translates into $3.09 per click. You can either go to SAS and look under the health fitness category and look for healthlabs, or you can sign up under our private program at

    In addition we are can do drop shipping for those of you that want to buy in bulk, as well as custom formulations of anything herbal including tool enhancers, anti-aging, acai berry, resveratrol etc.