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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Ok. This site pays you 5 cents per click you get on an ad. You can grab the "click" url and basically pump it into a bux site to make easy money, (people view it for 30 seconds and u make 5 cents, per view, because you're using the click url). The reason why I posted this under the shit list is because they will only pay you if you have a sales/conversion rate of 1:300 or better. There is a whole lot of news, and scam talk from 2006 about this product, so getting 1 sale per 300 clicks would be unlikely. If you want to test this out, go ahead, but dont invest any money in advertising. Maybe if you are a good torrent advertiser you could do that. But I doubt anyone would buy such a shitty product.

    I embedded a rotating banner into one of my micro blogs. Right clicked and copied address, and this is what i got: hxxp://www.phant0mplate.c0m/affiliatewiz/aw.aspx?B=2&G=1&A=3808&Task=Click

    then i cloaked it using tinyurl like sites ( was being weird). I figured if i used the url in bux advertising I could make easy money. But I wont risk it as I doubt at least 1 in 300 people who view will want to buy this crap.