Pet Blog Niche Journey With Income School Methods (no intentional backlink building) $1000/month goal


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Aug 31, 2020
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My first blog using income school (no backlink building) methods has been going pretty well. It's about 9 months old now, I have about 65 blog posts published, and am getting 120k pageviews/month and is averaging about $89-$90 a day or 2600 or so in ad money a month. I'm going to continue updating on that journey on its own thread:

I just thought I'd make a new thread for this new blog. I think with that first blog I got lucky to strike an underserved niche. Averaging almost 2k pageviews per article per month is quite lucky. Income School says to aim for 500-1000 pageviews per article per month typically. So, I fully expect this pet blog to grow more slowly and to require more articles to get to a good traffic level. However, my other blog requires a lot of personal testing/experimenting. Where this pet blog is for a dog breed that I owned for many years. I have thousands of pictures already, etc. I'll definitely be researching some of it, but I know a lot already, too. So I think the amount of prep going into each article will be less, and I hope that means I will be able to produce content faster for this blog.

I plan to cater every blog post to a specific query. I am doing keyword researching using Income schools "alphabet soup" method as well as just searching the keywords and trying to estimate the difficulty of raking myself, based on the content that is currently ranking well for each term.

I plan to make 'pinterest graphics' for blog posts and to try to get some Pinterest traffic, but will be putting very minimal effort into the remaining social media platforms. I'll make a twitter, facebook and Instagram for this blog, but will do very quick & easy updates for each blog post. I won't be trying to gain a following or focus on getting engagement on social media other than Pinterest. My intent is to heavily rely on organic search for traffic.

I have to move before September but am not sure exactly when that will happen, just whenever we find a new rental and get approved. That will disrupt my schedule when it does happen though. My goal is to try to get 10 articles up within 30 days, and to hit 30 articles by the 3 month mark. Then after that I may slow down more, but I want to get a good bit of content out fairly quickly.

I published my first article yesterday. I'll consider July 2021 my first month seems how there's less than a week left of this month.

My long-term goal is to earn $1000 a month from this blog. I expect most of it to come from ads. Now that my other blog is on adthrive, I can bring a second blog into adthrive at 30k pageviews, so that 30k pageview stat will be an important milestone for this blog. I expect to make some income with affiliates but probably not a whole lot. I don't currently have any plans for revenue outside of ads or affiliates.
Good luck. I read your other journey now and I'm fascinated with your success. I'll be following this closely
I'll be watching. I'm starting a quiz site, but to eventually start a blog with a high cpm so I hope to learn some stuff. Income school? I will have to check them out!

Where did you come up with your niche idea?
A lot of WH blogging ventures popping up lately
I've personally started a site with a similar blueprint in mind
Good luck with this journey!
Good Luck :)

I will send a message about my blog process - I am happy if you reply when you are free...
When judging your keywords. Are you judging by DA and age of posts at all? Or just article length and quality? At first I targeted a lot of keywords that had only like 200 words of content, for informational queries, but the sites targeting those keywords had such high DA that I now see most are impossible to ever beat.
I didn't realize I had new responses on this thread that I hadn't replied to. I guess I Wasn't getting the email notifications. Sorry guys.

I'll be watching. I'm starting a quiz site, but to eventually start a blog with a high cpm so I hope to learn some stuff. Income school? I will have to check them out!

Where did you come up with your niche idea?
I was basically just interested in starting a second niche blog and was analyzing what I have personal knowledge with. I had two dogs of the same breed for several years, and just really like the breed. I expect to get another dog of the same breed someday, I just am still grieving losing the two that I had so I'm not ready yet. But yeah I just knew it was an area I had a fair amount of knowledge in and interest in...and thousands of pictures I could use, too.
Good luck - How much time do you spend working on your blog per week?
I have 3 active blogs right now but I assume you mean on this new blog? I haven't really clocked my time, but I've got 3 posts up in the last week. My goal moving forward is to get about 2 posts a week or 8 a month. I would estimate each blog post to take maybe an hour and a half on average? So it's not really that much time.
When judging your keywords. Are you judging by DA and age of posts at all? Or just article length and quality? At first I targeted a lot of keywords that had only like 200 words of content, for informational queries, but the sites targeting those keywords had such high DA that I now see most are impossible to ever beat.
I haven't looked up the DA of my competitors. I sort of do a rough estimate on my own of their authority though just using my own instincts I guess. If I perform a search for a keyword I'm considering and it's really popular brands ranking highly, I would probably assume that to be a mid to high level authority term. Where if it's no brands and just blogs, I assume that to be low to medium authority. If it's a blog or two and the forums, I assume that to be low authority. I also analyze the quality of the results (is it a perfect match for the query or not, and a general sense of the quality, too). I have never specifically checked the word count of an article, but if I read it and it seems short and simple in a bad way, and I could give a more thorough or otherwise more helpful or high-quality answer then I definitely would still try to go for that keyword.

On my other niche blog, I've outranked brands and big, old blogs by creating better content. So, I'm not going to dismiss a keyword just based on it being covered by an authoritative site. But, I do plan to target low competition stuff early on, and then work up to medium, then higher competition stuff. I did that on my other blog and I think it may have helped so I'm attempting that again.
Early July update. Seems how my blog has only been live about a week, I'll consider July my first "real" month, and my first official update will be in early August.

But random little update for now.
I worked through the alphabet soup method, finally finished Z a couple of days ago.

I found way more keywords for this niche than what came up for my old blog. So, the potential to have more areas to cover seems good, particularly considering that I expect to have to create more content to get decent traffic on this blog.

With my other blog, I have to do more prep work and take new photos for each blog post pretty much. It's common for a couple hours of prep to go into a single article on that blog.

With this blog, I do some googling to fact-check myself a bit, but for the most part I Can just answer the queries. I'm able to produce 1000 word article in an hour or so. Being able to produce content faster feels like a nice change of pace!

There is a rather active community on Twitter for my niche. People who own this breed of dog just make twitter accounts to talk about their dogs. So I've got some interaction on my tweets where I shared links to my new blog posts, and a couple dozen followers already which is cool. I don't intend to give much time to social media at all...but for some reason it's still cool to see.

I am making myself do 1 post a week for my other blog, so that I don't neglect it now that I'm excited about this blog, haha. But my goal for this pet blog is to do about 2 posts a week this month. I want to get to 10 articles pretty quickly so that google will hopefully be able to pick up on what my niche is.

It's also occurred to me that I may have a decent $ opportunity with this blog in making a teespring type of account. I really don't know that much about shops like that, but I know people wh own this dog breed sometimes buy shirts, tumblers, decals, etc saying (breed) mom or similar. So I may choose to explore that type of a thing eventually.

Also with keyword research I noticed a lot of product-related searches like (breed) socks, (breed) garden statue, (breed) welcome mat...etc. I'd like to be able to make an amazon affiliate storefront that I could link to, but when I tried googling it, I got nowhere. I have followed YouTubers and others who have amazon storefront sites just sharing different products they recommend, so I know it's possible...but when googling all I could find was how to sell your own products on amazon which isn't what I want. If anyone has insight there I'd love to be pointed in the right direction.
Any references of this Income School guidelines you could share op?
Any references of this Income School guidelines you could share op?
Do I understand your question correctly, in that you're asking what the Income School blogging methods/guidelines are?
It's basically rooted in believing that content is truly king. They believe that if you make the absolute best piece of content to answer a query, then it'll rank best regardless of backlinks, domain authority, etc. They get a lot of flack from people who interpret them as saying that "backlinks don't matter at all". That isn't really what they believe or teach. They teach making content that is really good, and then getting natural backlinks from people just wanting to link to you. They encourage doing original research so that you can put stats in your articles that aren't available elsewhere on the web, so people will link to you - things like that. What they reject in terms of backlinks is stuff like spending time trying to get guest posts just to get backlinks. They think your time is best spent focusing on making the best quality content that you can. They teach using google predictive text to find keywords, and tying every article to a query. They encourage people to try to win the snippet. Oh, and they encourage you to be a niche blog rather than a multi-topic blog.

That's the basics of their beliefs, I think. Their youtube channel is just called income school if you want to look them up. They have a group you can pay to join, so they do push that membership but they share good tidbits of information without joining. I am not in their paid group, I just use what information I've learned from them on their free videos.
I've been trying to sort through all the keywords I came up with via "alphabet soup". WAY more words than I got when doing KW research for my other niche blog, so it feels a bit overwhelming. Of the keywords that I think I can/should write on eventually, I'm searching the keyword and then estimating that keyword based on whether it's high competition, average competition, low competition or VERY low competition. I'm currently writing on ones that I deem very low competition.

Anyway, through this sorting process part of what I'm struggling with deciding is how focused to go. Of course, some keywords are nearly identical so I won't write on both in separate posts. But with others I could do a big post that incorporates several more detailed keywords, or I could do multiple smaller blog posts. For example, I could probably write an article exclusively about this dog breed + stinky breath. It would probably be a fairly short post, maybe 1000 words. Or I could work that "(dog breed) stinky breath" keyword into a post that covers (breed) dental problems, or a post on (breed) oral care. Which could be much longer posts.

With my other niche blog, I feel like I've gained a sense of how detailed to go per post based on past experience, seeing some that were too focused get too little traffic, etc.

But with this new blog I don't know how to make those decisions yet. If anyone wants to share how they decide on a new blog I'd be curious to hear. :)
I'll be following this closely, as I'm planning to start a similar micro-niche, all the best.
i might shoot you a PM to ask about something if that's ok
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