Personal Pride of Blog vs Selling out to Black Hat

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by glenmore24, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I have a blog at...

    ....and I'm very proud of it. I write about two articles every day, and it is geared towards providing useful content about Magento, the new E-COmmerce platform which is going to take the world by storm (or so I hope).

    I have a few friends' sites with decent PR who I've asked to link to me, and submitted my sites via numerous directory listing services, and I'm currently PR 0 although I do think (and am hoping) this will rise.

    I am proud of my blog, therefore I am very dubious about using BH techniques as I often feel that it can degrade the quality. Things I am definitely not going to be in to is article rewriting - my content needs to make sense for a start.

    But I am interested in the latent techniques that can be applied to boost visitor numbers, boost my PR, increase backlinks, but above all - increase income etc.

    At the moment the only BH technique I am using is stuffing, and it will only stuff the user if they match a few criteria - directly visiting my site for instance won't stuff your browser. This is resulting in a decent income via an affilliate. I won't talk much about that though just yet :)

    Esentially, I consider article spinning to be a technique done by people who don't particularly care about the content on their blog, and whose blog might easily be forgotten in a years time - I am not one of those.

    However, I am open to BH techniqes, just need to know which ones (and WH ones), you can recommend, for a short term solution in improving my blog.

    Any tips would be useful, but my first question is this - which social networking/bookmarking sites do I need to be joining, and what do I need to do? Will anyone give a toss about Magento??
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    i would suggest that you should keep writing and adding to your blog plus submit sitemaps to g00gle via webmaster tools. i got a pr2 just by doing this.....
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    Nov 4, 2008
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    agree. keep writing glen but just a little suggestion.. use your black hat technique with precautions.. always be very careful when applying BH methods to your (seem) white hat website..