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    I'm in a money bind, and after months of failure doing the marketing, I'm jumping in to something else to give it a go. I have 7 days to collect about $110 because of a bad check I wrote. Don't lecture me about that, I know I know, I messed up my books and over wrote for about $25 and it bounced. So I'm bucking up and dealing with it.

    First off, I read this method recently, I don't recall the thread, but if anyone remembers, please link so I can give Thanks.

    This method involved outsourcing article content creation involving winning orders on various freelancer websites, and either through the use of multiple of accounts or website hopping, outsource the work. The method was described as effect due to taking bulk orders.

    So that's the method, and here are some questions I'd like answered. I really hate to clutter with another thread, but maybe this can serve as a good source of knowledge for others wanting to get in on this.

    -I'm not familiar with article prices. Some norms would be nice to know so that I can attempt to underbid to get the work. I'm in a quick dash for cash, and $100 seems easy if you do bulk. If I'm successful, I can stop underbidding and bid with confidence with a building resume of delivering work after I've dealt with my problem.

    -I noted that it was mentioned that you could take payment upfront for orders, meaning you can start without a dime. How does this affect you winning bids if this is a stipulation of your bid? If this is a problem, I have enough funds to get something going.

    -I keep notes but I work better on paper with notes. I should make a filing system with a bookmarking application to correspond with my written notes as I date and name my note taking entries, anyone know of any Firefox Add-ons that may help me fulfill this?

    If anyone agrees this was was dumb and I should have searched, please after about a page of people saying that, let the thread die in to oblivion!

    If anyone would like me to do so, I'll keep the thread updated with my progress!

    Thanks Black Hat World!
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