Perfect small profitable adult niche, need help on first venture. Thank you!

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is my first post on Blackhatworld and I am very excited to finally ask for your help as opposed to just reading the other posts; I am new and if this would be better posted somewhere else please tell me. Thank you in advance for reading!

    I have a large collection of videos that apply to a very active adult niche (this is an actual ostracized fetish, not run of the mill porn). There is a pretty active "community" and word gets around about new sites pretty fast. There is also a distinct lack of sites in this area, so there isn't really any competition. I have been contemplating starting a blog or site of sorts for a few months. I am very excited about the idea of making some money on the side using the internet, and this seems like my most valuable asset for doing so.

    ~My main issue being that my knowledge is rudimentary. I'm not sure how to best use my content. I want to start a blog or multiple blogs preferably (perhaps a tiered system?) Or a website if that is truly better (I'm poor, so I don't have much to pay for hosting). Where is the best place to host a blog (or website) that allows adult content? Also, I am not concerned about adult templates (the community does not expect this type of site, they expect something simple). I would like this to be a straightforward video blog if possible.

    ~Just as important, monetizing on this is paramount. This is where I really fall short. I am not too privy to the options I have available. I see affiliate programs, and they seem like the most reasonable bet, but I'm not sure how to even use them. I also don't really know much about these programs in general. I have seen adult dating be popular and also cam but if a few of you would explain how your ads make the difference and keep money in the bank that would help me understand which type I need to select. Of course I am looking for the highest payout ones within reason of what is effective.

    Your words are appreciated and your advice is needed!

    *I cannot PM because I don't have my 15 yet, but if need be we can work around this (email, skype).
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