Penguin got you down? Get back to basics with SEO on Fiverr for a little boost! $1000/m

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    Disclaimer for mods: I searched for this method on the forum, but I didn't see anything. BTW, it was easier to skim through the info in the old search on this forum, but I don't mind the new one. Thx.


    I was into autoblogs a while back, and I got cocky since I went nearly untouched through the first Panda update. Then around the 3rd everything came crashing down, so instead of turning BHW into DP, I messed around with fiverr. Now that the Penguin has wings, your sites have collapsed, and all of that money that you should have saved, went into coke and hookers. So I wouldn't go homeless, I turned to the last resort. That's right fiverr, because getting paid below minimum wage is much more bearable when you do something you love. I made just under $500 in two weeks, paid $300 for rent and the rest back into marketing. Still kept going with fiverr, but their automatic detection algorithms pissed me off, so I left to get back into the big money. Today they sent me an email saying that I had been promoted to level 1. About 150 orders filled at 100% satisfaction, then only 2 complaints from the inevitable troll customer. So after under 200 full orders, and 2 weeks since I left, they promote me to level 1. So here is a big FU, to fiverr, and a big thanks to the BHW community for everything.


    As you know, fiverr does have a rather simple search algorithm. How simple? Think Google 2007?Backlinks & Keyword Stuffing! So, just like regular SEO, do a bit of searching on fiverr and see what is in demand and what is not supersaturated. Unless you can provide extraordinary backlinking service or followers, find something else. This is for your first 2 gigs by the way. The others can be whatever you want, because a lot of your buyers will be return buyers.

    1. When you register your account, register it in the US, use a US name, and the picture should be of a real person. Humor is always good in the profile picture and the description.
    2. Find 2 niches that you can do and is not supersaturated.
    3. Create the 2 gigs with a blue image that takes up the entire square of the image. Remember, our brains like symmetry, so have an image representing your product in the middle, and maybe a blue gradient bg. Also, according to color theory, blue is calming/trusting.
    3.5. Set your deliver time to 24 hours, but make sure you can deliver. I'll discuss this a bit later.
    >>>>>>>>> :hello::hello::hello:The Gold Nugget/tl;dr :hello::hello::hello:<<<<<<<<<
    4. Keyword stuff the hell out of your title, description, and tags. For you newbies, don't just put car, car, car, car, as your keywords. Put it as blue cars, red cars, car tires, car doors, etc.
    >> After about 12-24 hours you will get a notification, stating the obvious, and you have to change your stuff. Then just reduce the keywords and fill it with other info relating to your gig.
    >> During that 12-24 hour period you will get anywhere from 5-30 orders, because you will appear in the top results, if you picked a niche that people are actively searching for. So do your homework!
    >> Provide the best service you can because feedback matters. If you have to spend 1 hour on 1 gig, then do so! Afterwards, you can figure out how to reduce cost and increase revenue, like a real corporation would do.
    >> Make sure you have 20 active gigs (the max allowed), with a regular title/description along with a video.
    >> If you get the troll customer, then just bite your tongue and do whatever you can to get rid of them while leaving them at most content. 15 minutes extra is worth it if you want to keep your 100% feedback. Remember, someone would rather buy from someone with 100% feedback than 99%.
    5. Upload a video. You can buy one from fiverr, or use windows movie maker and a text to speech program to get some things together. (If there is enough demand, I'll place a tut about this, but you are all smart enough to figure it out.) In the video, mention fiver 2-3 times.
    6. Do some backlinking to your 2 gigs and you will get plenty of orders. I don't have a quantifiable method for this, but I just sporadically placed a few links on FB and twitter.

    I've tested this with a new account and an aged one, so no need to waste your money trading gigs. This will boost your revenue significantly, but for the first day or two, get some red bull, coffee, aderall, or all of the above, because you will need to be quick to deliver so you get great feedback.

    Other Points

    The above method will make you money on fiverr, but as long as you are consistent with your great work. For some reason the lower the price of your service the more people think they can get so human interaction is also essential in your success on there. Now, the following is what I do to keep my customers happy; this is not quantifiable, but I do base it on what I see big corporations doing in terms of promotion and customer relations, so there is some scientific proof that it works.

    Customer Ignorance
    There are some things that you can clearly do in 5 minutes and some things you can clearly do in 2 hours. But not all customers know this. Take for example fixing their websites. Some people just don't know code and think something can be fixed with one line of code. Sometimes it can. Other times, some self glorified a-hole will come along, give you a list of 10 things that need to be fixed, and order 1 gig. In reality, those 10 things can take up to 2 hours to fix, and it's not worth your time. This is what a call a "$50 job, not a $5 one." So in your gig description, tell them to send you a message to see if it's a $5 job and not a $50 one. If it is a $50 one, tell them you can do it for 10 gigs, or they should post it on a freelance forum.

    "Surprise kick to the nuts" aka Penalty
    When you are talking to someone through a conversation or order page, you will notice that sometimes you will get a message warning you about their terms of service. When you mention words like cash, money, paypal, email, skype, and some other words that would hint at you doing business outside of fiverr, you will get a secret infraction on your account. If you ask customer support about this, they won't tell you anything, but it's clear. If you're like me and like to help the customer as much as possible and give them good advice that they don't pay for, be careful, because nice guys may finish last. This penalty will prevent you from getting promoted. I've heard of people getting promoted just after 10 gigs, and others after 100, so just do as great of a job as possible, and karma will return the favor.

    Just Ask
    People forget or don't even notice. When you deliver your gig, ask if everything is ok, and if it is, to share and star/collect your gig. When they mark it as complete, and do not leave feedback, you should leave some positive feedback. When they do leave feedback, tell them thanks or something similar. Never give negative feedback, even if they do it to you. Try contacting customer support if someone is a jerk and they may remove the negative feedback.

    100% Satisfaction
    It's almost inevitable that you will get a troll customer, but when you are doing quick work/trying to reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete a gig, ask the customer if the product you delivered is ok. Mark the order as complete, so you get the express gig status, but provide some support afterwards because they can always leave negative feedback.

    Custom stuff
    Graphics, along with other things, are very subjective, so tell the person to give as much detail as possible, or else you will improvise the rest. When you deliver the gig, say, for $5, I think this looks really good. Somewhere along the way, most people lose the memory that they only paid $5 for the gig. Remind them of the fact and you will get a lot more positive responses. They may not be happy with the design, but will not return with a negative attitude. Always provide minor adjustments, especially if you did not make something how they specified it, but let them know, that if it is a completely new addition, that a new gig should be ordered. It's best you ask it in the form of a question. For example, "Would it be a problem to order another gig, since this request was not in your original goal?" I have never gotten a no from asking this question, and both gigs that the person ordered was marked complete with positive feedback.

    Free Stuff
    This is one of those things that I did not quantify, but if you observe the real world, it's proven to work. At the end of your title include the following, "...with free bonus inside." In your description, say press order now above to get the free bonus. Then in the instructions say, you will get extra perks if you share this gig on a social network, and provide a verifiable link. So if you are providing 4 tires for a car, provide 5 if they share it. Again, make sure they know that you have to be able to verify it, because some people will try to stiff you. One person told me they shared it on their FB page, but it was set to private, so I kindly told them to F off. Note: If it's one of those gigs in which they need to send you a message first, don't include this!

    Cancelled Orders
    Try not to cancel orders. This is another one of those hidden penalties, so if anything, try to get the customer to cancel it first if anything goes down. Again it's one of those inevitable things. Some noob ordered one of my gigs and asked if I would download his toolbars. It was one of those pay to download things all from the same publisher, but he didn't even send me a message so I had to cancel it. It was probably someone from here with multiple accounts, or more likely from dp, but I digress.

    Once again, I want to thank BHW for everything. I really don't care for thx/rep as you can see from my stats, since I just use this forum for my own venting and selfish monetary needs, but I do believe in karma. Not in the sense as you get 1 point for every person you help out, but more like the way luck works. So if 400 people see this thread, and only 1 person makes money off of it, I'll feel good inside. It's cliche, and weird, but if you have ever made any money online, and then you give some of it to a homeless person, then you know, that in that instant, you will feel better than you have in your entire career.

    P.S. Why is the text color in the BHW text editor just a regular A, and not a colored A. Took until the end of this post to realize it was the color :p

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    Thanks for the thread man. To the noobs out there, I swear to *God* this man is telling the truth. I'm making at least $1200 a month on fiverr right now and 95% of my orders come from one niche. I can easily bump this to $2,000 a month if I create an account with 20 gigs specifically for that niche.

    But also I have a really kick ass video and 100% rating, just fyi. I seriously overdeliver.

    Noobs take note: take the time to promote your gig and *UPSELL BABY*
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