Penguin effect to my sites and ways to recover

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    As many others, around day 26th of April I was also hit very badly in fact I've lost many of my rankings for main money sites. I'm trying to recover but it seems to be hard. Also in the same week of the Penguin I had started another new site mainly for adsense monetization, with unique and 100% original content , all on-page optimisation (that I'm doing since a few years), some few links from social bookmarks and a few days of constant updating of site's content with new posts with 400+ words. After a week , while making some backlinks from directories and some article marketing, I managed to hit first page (position 8-9 ) for this low competition keyword. Yesterday as happened for my other site during penguin update also this site has gone (yesterday was 100+ on google and i can't even find it).

    So now, I do not understand what is wrong exactly with my usual method:
    - On-page optimisations? (this may be because I have quite high keyword density around 7% with lots of tags with main kw combined with log tail kw - but it always worked fine since now)
    - Too fast link building? ( just bookmarked evey post every day on 10+ social bookmark sites, around 40 directory submission and around 5 article submission all in around 2 weeks).
    - Same anchor? ( this maybe but not so much, total around 200 backlinks from GWT from which there are 50 to home page and the others spread to different posts)

    What am I missing?

    In the first week after penguin update I saw a lot of people discussing about and few trying to post some possible solutions, but in these days I can't see here any further constructive discussion or any person posting some case studies or methods for successful recovery. Is this update so hard to contrast? Are all the seo-experts busy in finding a solution?
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    I think the reason why there hasn't been any conclusive case study is that Penguin takes into account backlinks + the over optimization algo. For now, webmasters can only guess what might be wrong and make changes but it will take a while before something concrete comes out of it.

    There is a thread by bigbuddy. He says he's done some testing and noticed some +ve and -ve results (this is the thread) although we're all waiting for him to update that thread and start with the testing.