Penguin 3.0 released couple of hours ago ?


Nov 12, 2012
So today there was a huge fluctuation in rankings in wast number of websites, mine and from some of my colleagues also.

I am guessing the update is released and its steering up things like crazy.

Have you seen any fluctuations today ?

I will update later on with a complete analysis of all website rankings and which are affected and which not.
all my sites have been wiped off the face of the earth, except for one, that went from 1st spot to page 4.
I have not seen any big changes, I saw solid jumps a week or two ago however. Yet today was like +1/-1 on most keywords, nothing large really.
Just normal dancing for keywords (+/- 1-5 spot fluctuations), nothing out of the ordinary to report here. I'm based in Australia, whether that makes any difference...?
My rank tracker just refreshed and I'm seeing positive movements, some even a whole page jump. I guess I just got lucky this time around. It's not over yet, though.
Some movement from my side also, not sure what is up though, main keywords remain at the same position :-ss.
Went from top 5 in most of rankings to page 2. Did I get hit or are other sites just pushing my site down in the serps? Any ideas?
Nothing out of the ordinary on my end, if anything it is more positive movement. But I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch =/
Been on the positive side of the boat this time, all my rankings has jumped up.
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