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Wow I'm surprised someone was able to make somewhat of an actual response without lying, or just saying mac is better with no reasons behind it! Like I said, I have no beef with mac as I have used them a good deal in the past and in terms of what I was using it for they are pretty much one in the same compared to PC's. I do enjoy discussing the benefits/downfalls of each systems for fun though, not just screaming MY SYSTEM IS BETTER THAN YOURS for no good reason. Now onto a few points to what you said :D

Even if you can't build a custom PC, I've seen fantastic deals on prebuilt PC's that are still much cheaper and more powerful than mac's are on the market.

As for out the box doing color matching and fonts better, im not too sure about that one. Color matching, I assume you are talking about actually matching one pixel to another, which is something that is dependent on the program your using, such as photoshop for example where these tools exist within the software which doesn't have to do with the OS itself. As for fonts, that's widely debated whether or not one is better than the other as you stated yourself. I have 0 preference over windows or mac fonts. Because there are SO many different providers of windows PC's (dell, hp, toshiba, etc..) you are correct mac's are generally more reliable, but I have had my fair share of macs breaking down/freezing as much as I have on my standard of PC's as well.

As for stronger suites, maybe different versions of the same things but from what I can tell if they are the same product it doesn't matter what OS your running, it just comes down to specs at this point. Example, adobe cs6 is on both mac and windows, I can't tell a difference between the two. Autodesk Maya (3d program) is on both, and they are identical from what I've seen. Final cut used to be huge for mac owners, but with adobe premieres latest updates, ALOT of FCP users are moving onto adobe because they are simply offering a lot more.

Another small point windows has over macs is that there are simply more programs out there programmed for windows. A very good example is how this thread was started. Blackhat tools! Of course there's a plethora of any type of program you can think of, and chances are if its not a well known needed program that it will be more readily available for windows simply because there's a bigger database of users/programs on the OS.

I'm actually typing this on a new 17.3" HP Pavilion g7 laptop 6gb ram with a A8 APU that I bought for $300 brand new at staples a few weeks ago. This thing is a beast, I can edit my raw 1080p videos, play diablo 3 on high, its nuts! (just another quick example of what a price difference it is compared to macs, although I admit I got a steal of a deal on this system)

Alright I'm done ranting. Mac's are great systems, I just prefer windows because they do EVERYTHING and more that macs can do for less.

Macs don't make you a creative person, of course, and specs do matter as well (though they aren't the only thing that matters) but there are a few things that Macs do out of the box that are better than a PC. Oh, and that's from the perspective from an average joe who can't really build a custom PC from scratch.

As far as Macs are concerned, out of the box, they can do better color matching and fonts (example), and are overall more reliable out of the box. You can definitely replicate it if you know how, and have the budget to do so but in the long run, the extra couple hundred dollars don't really matter if it saves you some time and the machine is reliable.

There are stronger suites for both the platforms. For instance, Office is on both the platforms but it's vastly superior on Windows. For any kind of 3D work, Windows is a better platform. Then there's Final Cut Pro on the Mac which a lot of people use.

Not disagreeing with you ? in fact, as I said, most of this can be replicated but for you and me, that's easy. For most others, it isn't. And then there are people who just don't want the hassle of setting up color calibration and better font rendering on a Windows machine (heck, I've tried the latter with gdipp, etc. and the results haven't been too good ever).

So, if you can do the scores of minor/major changes required on a Windows machine, and can build one from scratch ? great, that will save you money. If not, and you want to save some time, a Mac can do an equally good job.

(Also, on the fonts bit, I've seen *some* people prefer the Windows way of doing it which is okay. I think it's worse, and I can't see why people like it but to each its own!)
zonhar, apoorv - You guys rock, I've got all the info I need, what a great discussion :)

Mac is prettier, more elegant, although the difference between prices are not that high, for the same money PC will have much more powerful specs, I'm calculating.

I've been using PC for 8+ years, I guess I'll buy iMac, for SEO tools I'll buy a VPS with i7, that's all.

+rep added for the great info :)
Mac is prettier, more elegant, although the difference between prices are not that high, for the same money PC will have much more powerful specs, I'm calculating.

I'm telling ya I had a PC with three times more RAM, better processor than I currently have on my Mac and guess what? The Mac is faster and much more reliable because Mac OS X in itself is a much lighter system. It also remains fast over the years. Mine has been running 24/7 for about 4 months now.. with vmWARE in the background, I'm running Windows XP with an autoresponder. What can I say? Everything is going smoothly, I have no idea what the ctrl-alt-del combination is for the Mac simply because I never had to use it.
You will get all of this once you're the designated person to remove a virus from a Windows PC from your friends yet again.

Just remember that a lot of the people that praise the Mac have been using Windows most of their life as well, giving a much more objective opinion than those that have never even tried a Mac and are just bitching on it because of the price.
If you want a full-blown gaming machine, by all means get a custom PC made. For anything and everything else, Mac owns.
Why so locked into Win vs Mac? Try Linux with virtualization through Virtualbox to run Windows. Stable, fast and free!
A lot of people who own only mac machine run windows using mac virtual machine.. Parallels Desktop for Mac, Virtual box etc. at that point there no really need of adjacent window pc.
I have a custom PC setup and one of those big iMacs that I bought on impulse.

Mac OS is dismal for productivity, the way windows are managed is terrible and most actions take atleast a second longer to perform. This may not sound like much, but it adds up and causes frustration. PC's also have considerably more raw power than macs, and dont require you to create a virtual OS to run IM software.

I know that some people love their Macs, but working on both there is no comparison for me. PC all the time every time.
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