PBN Site

Find an expired domain DA/PA - 20+, CF/TF - 20+,
No footprints( Check it should have no history of spam backlinks or spam content) from webarchive
Hosting ( shared hosting should be ok with lightning speed )
Genuine and quality content
Design Pages( contact us, privacy policy etc )

For traffic, you can build social media pages across your PBN and build some quality backlinks on low competive keywords
See my post in the PBN footprints thread, so you'll understand what to expect to do in case you start creating your own PBN: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/the-ultimate-pbn-footprints-checklist.985978/page-2#post-10567809
In my experience, if you have just a single project it is more reasonable to find a good service provider for PBN links than creating your own. Own PBN is the safest but you need to calculate your project ROI, cause with PBN there will be recurring costs also, to pay for domains and hosting. The creation and upkeep needs time and money. Finding good expired domains can be challenging if you have no experience.
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