PBN Question - Buy and backdate articles or VA custom content

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    Hello I had a question for some of you PBN vets out there.

    I have two options the way I see it for pbn updated content (if you dont want to read further you could jus t let me know what you do to update pbn content, a va writer or backdated articles you bought?)

    #1 buy a ton of content here near my subject at about $6 an article lets say I have 30 pbns and I add 1 article a month thats...

    $180 a month + personal labor cost backdating them all for each pbn and adding images and outgoing links probably 1 hour a pbn = 30 hours of my time (I can buy all articles for the year and backdate 12 potentially)

    #2 Hire a VA with decent English skills at part time 4 hours a day. Can probably pump out 2 - 700 word articles a day custom to the site updating pages with images and backlinks

    $250 a month - 2 articles a day * 20 work days = 40 articles a month and save 20 hours of my personal time backdating and uploading

    #3 buy articles and have VA upload them and backdate them - possibility doesent utilize the va too much
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    I'd go with #1 or #3, depending on your financial capabilities and daily schedule. If you can spend ~2 days for posting then that's great. If you already have a VA then let your VA do the job.
    If you don't have a VA just yet, I wouldn't hire one only for article writing.
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