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Dec 13, 2014
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Hey Guys,

Found a rocking domain, but it's formerly in Spanish and all of the backlinks are also spanish.
It's indexed already, but i'm worried about buying it and turning it into an English PBN.

Would you buy it?

Bonus Question:
What the hell does it mean when a domain has a ROOT TF of like.. 15, but then the URL, http and www have 0 TF and CF? Majestic broken or is that a bad sign?
Yes I would. I actually think that people afraid of the different language past of the domain are overly paranoid. Site surely won't get hit if you change the language on it. Especially if it's within the niche.

And it means, that none, or just shitty backlinks, were pointed to the homepage. High TF on root is due to backlinks from internal pages.
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